Spa Bath Bombs

We pride ourselves here at Talla in our luxury handmade bath bombs - these were the first home spa products we started selling and they have proved themselves time and again - with clients returning over and over to stock up on favourites and try our seasonal collections.
After all, what could be easier than creating a wonderful home spa experience by simply running a warm bath, dropping a bath bomb in and allowing it to dissolve before slipping in and allowing the gorgeous aromas and ingredients to take effect? Perfect!   
Currently avaliable in 9 uplifting fragrances (updated seasonally):
Wild Orange, Sicilian Lemon, Scottish Lavender, Seaweed & Algae (ocean spray), Cucumber & Aloe, Pomegranate & Fig, Orange & Neroli, Lemon & Lime, Lily & Ginseng
We use a selection of beautiful moulds to help craft and shape our products, and so please note that the shape of your bath bomb may differ from those pictured against the scent, however you should be able to find pictures of all shapes across the collection.  
Can't find what you're looking for? Please contact us on should you wish a bespoke selection of our spa bombs freshly made up from the options above.  Alternatively, visit one of our stockists for a full selection of products to buy individually or in bulk. We are always delighted to assist.
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